Capt. Mark: Dan's Papers Voted Montauk’s Best of the Best!

The official readers' choice best fishing captain in Long Island!!!









     Captain Mark Marose has been fishing for as long as he can remember. Growing up in Ocean County New Jersey, Barnegat Bay was his playground. Snappers, blue claws, blowfish and flounder were the first targeted quarry. In his early teens he was already mating on boats throughout the summer and on weekends.

     At age twelve, his first introduction to Montauk was a cod fishing trip. It was July and Coxes Ledge was in it’s heyday. The fishing was amazing. At age fourteen he caught his first giant tuna out of Provincetown Massachusetts, and was out of control.

     The next summer in a 1969, he moved to Montauk to live with his uncle, Captain Spider Hegner, who owned a party boat and lived on Flamingo Avenue in Montauk, next door to the “Monster Man”, Captain Frank Mundus, the inspiration for Peter Benchley’s character in Jaws, Captain Quint. Frank became his Uncle Frank and was definitely one of his role models growing up. He spent a lot of time with both Spider and Frank, and went through many Band-Aids doing shark jaws with Frank over the winter in his garage.

     His first job in Montauk was aboard the party boat RANGER with Captain Al Braun. The next season was spent on then old FLYING CLOUD and the PECONIC QUEEN, with occasional trips on the VIKING SKIPPER. Throughout the next years he mated on a number of boats, including the VIKING STARLIGHT, VIKING STAR, JIGGER, CAPT SPIDER, CAPT WILLIE, GANNETT, JEAN III, WEB, STORM KING, CHEROKEE, SHEARWATER, HUSH PUPPY, POOKA and GEM. Winters were spent in various commercial fisheries, including set lining for cod and tilefish, bay scalloping, clamming, gillnetting and offshore dragging.

     In 1979 he teamed up with Captain Mike Albronda and purchased the original charter boat MONTAUK. He ran the MONTAUK with Mike through the season and spent the winters mixing it up between bay scalloping and set lining for cod on the CAPT WILLIE. It was in the winter of 1979 that we stumbled on the famous cod spot that we named the “CIA” grounds for the Central Intelligence Agency. He and Mike caught a lot of fish together, including a giant white shark on August 13, 1983 that measured seventeen and a half feet and weighed in at 2400 pounds.

     With fuel prices high and the difficulties that go with a partnership, he sold his share of the MONTAUK in 1985 and went into offshore lobstering, staying with that until 1998. During those years in addition to the lobsters he targeted Sea Bass, Cod, Blackfish and Tuna. He discovered a great many fishing spots and learned how to fish them.

     He resumed sport fishing in 1999, working as a mate on the MY MATE out of the Montauk Yacht Club. In the fall of 2000, he bought a 39’ BHM charter boat and named it CAPT MARK and ran this boat through 2014, and was one of the few charter boats that fished throughout the year round through the winter months.

    Capt Mark has been licensed by the Coast Guard for 40 years, has a 100-ton master license and has logged over 14,000 days on the water. He has spent over forty years fishing Montauk waters and has acquired the knowledge to make a fishing trip for any species a successful one. He can guarantee you a one hundred percent effort each and every outing. Fishing for him is not just a job, it’s his lifestyle and passion.

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